As a courtesy to other clients and to further enhance your own relaxation at La Belle, we request that mobile phones be switched off during your time with us.

In addition, we would also kindly ask you to leave your little ones at home so you can fully unwind with us. Unfortunately we cannot treat minors under the age of 14 years in the salon. Basic beauty treatments can be applied to minors between the ages of 14-16 years as long as a parent or guardian is present to sign a consent form.

Finally, please leave plenty of time for your treatment so you can fully enjoy it-we recommend you arrive 5 minutes before your treatment so a consultation can be carried out.

We do not always have reception cover and occasionally have to lock the door, simply ring the doorbell at the time of your appointment and your therapist will be with shortly to let you in.

We recommend that you do not arrive earlier then 5 minutes before your appointment time as your therapist may not be ready.

Please give us 24 hours notice should you wish to cancel or rescedule your appointment. Missed appointments will be charged at full treatment cost.  Late arrivals will result in shorter treatments.

CALL 01903 239177 or 01273 441 161 TO BOOK AN APPOINTMENT OR CLICK HERE
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