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Oxyjet Skin Treatments

Friday, 6th September, 2019

Nora Bode OXYjet Facials

As your skin gets older it will naturally become thinner, dry and wrinkled, and the skin pigmentation can become irregular, the nutrients we need fail to reach the skin cells as easily. This is due to your blood slowing and not being able to provide as much Oxygen and nutrients to your skin. But things such as the sun, pollution, alcohol, genes and illness also don’t help and can increase the level by which your skin can worsen

The Nora Bode OXYjet Facial was developed to combat the aging process, to provide your skin with the Oxygen it requires to support your skin in appearing tight and youthfully smooth.

The Nora Bode OXYjet Facial has been in development for over 20 years to ensure the best treatment is provided to gain astounding results without surgery such as Botox or other cosmetic injections. Now OXYjet has become the world’s most effective oxygen system available.

The process requires no needles, no syringes and no pain, it just uses the pulsed pressure of pure Oxygen and a special blend of active ingredients to penetrate the muscles and amplify the collagen in the skin. This powerful alternative to cosmetic injections is the ultimate anti-ageing treatment from OXYjet.

This process is suitable for both men and women looking to improve the look and feel of their skin, to increase the moisture, reduce those lines and wrinkles and have a healthy, smoother, softer complexion.

Your Treatment

On entering the salon, you will be greeted by our wonderful therapists who will guide you to your private treatment room. Here you will be able to relax on your luxurious bed before the treatment begins.

For this treatment your skin needs to be clean and clear so the treatment can penetrate deep into your skin and give you the best results.

Initially your skin will be cleansed and cleared in preparation for the OXYjet treatment. The OXYjet device is a small metal tool which will be placed firmly on your skin. This will then pulsate to infiltrate pure Oxygen into the lower levels of your skin, this procedure will tighten your skin and enhance the collagen to create the smoother look and feel.

Your skin will then be toned and cooled to lock in the goodness and leave you with a fresh and healthy glow.


Once the treatment is complete, you’ll be able to leave the salon and continue your day as usual, you will be left with no pain, you’ll just see the beautiful results the treatment has given you.


As your skin is pulsated with the extra Oxygen this provides it with the nourishment it needs to improve the moisture and boost the collagen.

This leaves your skin feeling healthy and hydrated, filling your lines and wrinkles for a smoother, softer complexion.

You should notice immediate results after the OXYjet facial. The benefits of the OXYjet facial include, supporting with issues such as acne, wrinkles, and blemishes and it leaves your skin glowing.

If you would like regular OXYjext facials we recommend you have one every four to six weeks, however you are able to have the treatment weekly if you would prefer.

At La Belle we offer three types of OXYjet facials. The Express Filler Facial which lasts for 40 minutes, the Energising Facial which lasts for 55 minutes and the Beauty Tox Facial which lasts for 70 minutes. Each facial can be taken in a course of six if you’d like to continue the treatment. We also offer a combination of the OXYjet Facial with the CACI which will help to tone your muscles as well as provide the extra Oxygen your skin needs.

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